• Lightweight lashes that don't hurt your eyes | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Non-toxic fibers & hypoallergenic | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free Lashes | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Durable korean lash fibers | HanaDolly Lashes
  • No toxins or harmful substances | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Lashes That Fit Well for Asian Eye Shapes | HanaDolly Lashes
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NIMBLE Press-On Lashes, Pre-bonded lashes. No glue required. | HanaDolly Lashes

New Launch. Limited Stock.


Our game-changing press-on lashes for greater convenience and flexibility.

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DIY Lashes With Freedom & Flexibility | HanaDolly Lashes

Sustainable beauty

The Cost-Effective Approach for Lasting Lash Beauty

Save thousands of dollars on expensive salon packages when you can get premium quality lashes at a fraction of the cost... in the comfort of your home!

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Ultimate Starter Kit - HanaDolly DIY Lashes for Asian Eyes

Not Sure Where to Start?

The Ultimate Starter Kit

Here's our ultimate kit packed full to the brim with everything you need to get started on your beautiful lash journey!

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The easiest way to flaunt your beautiful lashes, without sacrificing on your natural lash health?

How HanaDolly helps you to achieve sustainable beauty

Apply Beautiful Lashes in 7 Minutes | HanaDolly Lashes

For the modern beauty

Look Beautiful Whilst Saving Time, Money & Effort

Why spend hours at expensive lash appointments when you can do everything at the comfort of your own home - in just 7 minutes! Our kit has all you need to become a home "beauty expert".

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Easy to Apply DIY Lashes | HanaDolly Lashes

Full Flexibility

Take Back Control of Your Beauty

Take control of your look with the full flexibility to switch up your lash styles as and when you want!

Need a beauty rest? Take of your lash extensions as and when you need.

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HanaDolly Lightweight False Lashes - Easy On The Eyes | HanaDolly Lashes

Ultra Lightweight

No More Heavy Stress On Your Eyes

Traditional heavy lash extensions used over long term can cause lash loss or even bald spots!

Our lashes are measured and cut to be lightweight so it causes less stress on your natural lashes. Let your eyes stay beautiful & healthy!

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Lash Essentials Top Up Bundle | HanaDolly Lashes

Need a Quick Lash Supply Top Up?

Check out our new Essentials Top Up Bundle!

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