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Ultimate Lash Routine Starter Kit

Ultimate Lash Routine Starter Kit


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HanaDolly Mother's Day Promotion
  • Wear up to 7 days per use (clean & disinfect after)
  • Re-use up to 15x for each pair of lashes (effectively $5/use only!)

A lash routine you’ll actually look forward to every week.

We’ve all been there: spending thousands on packages, frustrating appointment schedules, and even damaged natural lashes.

Imagine if there was a quick & efficient weekly lash routine at a fraction of the cost? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Introducing the HanaDolly Ultimate Lash Routine Starter Kit that helps you save time, effort & money instead of expensive packages & frustratingly long appointments.

This bundle includes all the things recommended to start:
• 2 x Premium Lashes.
   (a) 💁‍♀️Natural (no eyeliner effect) & 💖Babydoll (eyeliner effect)
   (b) 🌹Flirty (no eyeliner effect) & 💗Barbie (eyeliner effect)
The eyeliner effect gives a more dramatic look whilst the no eyeliner effect creates a more subdued, natural style – you can switch up styles on your own choice! Each pack features lash styles that are complementary for cross style usage, so feel free to mix them up for a look that's uniquely you!

• 1 x PREP & PERK - eyelash bond & applicator that's easy on the eyes (less harmful/stressful)
• 1 x PRIME - our premium lash growth infusion serum that boosts your natural lash health
• 1 x PURIFY - skin protecting dissolving remover for lashes
• 1 x PICK - our special edition tweezer, specifically curved for lashes

Apply the 7-Minute Agile Lash Routine
Ready to take back control of your beauty? The average application time for most of our customers is actually close to 5 mins!
🖤 For avid falsie-lovers, the lash application should be a breeze in the park
🖤 For beginners, the learning curve is worth it. Our lashes are easy to apply in just 7 minutes once you get the hang of it

Lighter Is Better
Traditional lashes like salon extensions & even magnetic lashes tend to be much heavier, causing undue stress on your eyes.

Our premium lashes are made of ultra soft Korean fibers that are highly resistant to perspiration & humidity. They also feature a unique patented hollow-fiber technology that makes them super lightweight like a feather, causing minimal stress on your eyes!

Need more help? If you're feeling lost, don't fret! Just head over to our Lash Guide for full videos & tips on application.

Care Guide


  • Use PICK to gently flip the lashes up and use fingers to slowly peel the lashes off the band for the first usage.
  • To reuse lashes, please refer to our Lash Guide.


  • Clean the bottle opening with a piece of tissue if there are dried lumps surrounding it.


  • If any hairs are on the wand, simply use a tissue to brush lightly to remove foreign particles.
  • Store in a cool dry place.

Use within 6 months of opening the product, and discontinue use after.

Why HanaDolly?

The fastest way to flaunt beautiful lashes without ruining your natural lashes or stressing out about expensive packages… do it in just 7 minutes!

🟢 Damage free removal
🟢 Toxins free
🟢 Hypoallergenic
🟢 Ultra light and weightless feel
🟢 Flexibility to change designs & remove when you want
🟢 Apply in just 7 minutes
🟢 Freedom to decide when to use your lashes

With the goal of long-term sustainable beauty in mind, we purposefully created our featherlight lash collection that are light on the eyes!


Key Ingredients:


  • Acrylic Resin - exceptionally moisture resistant and thus provides high holding power under humid conditions
  • Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer - forms a continuous film on the hairs for durability, just like a raincoat for your lashes


  • Niacinamide - a physiologically active formula of niacin (vitamin B3). It stimulates the metabolism of the hair follicle and provides nourishment for healthy and strong lashes/brows
  • Biotin - a B vitamin that is known for stimulating new cell growth, essential for regrowing fallen lashes/brow hairs
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen/Hydrolyzed Keration – acts like a nourishing mask that fills the natural lash and brows with keratin making your natural lashes and brows thicker, fuller and longer
  • Plant Extracts & Plant Proteins
    Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Perilla Frutescens Leaf Extract, Aspergillus/Camellia Sinensis Leaf Ferment Extract Filtrate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein – Antioxidant, Conditioning, Softens & Smooths


  • White Mineral Oil - Softens and smoothes the skin, skin protecting dissolving removal
  • Isododecane – Dissolving removal
  • Propylene Glycol – Skin conditioning, restores suppleness
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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Iffah Hamad

Context: I'm someone who is used to wearing false eyelashes but I've never tried eyelash extensions before.

As a first timer wearing HanaDolly lashes, you might need some time to get the hang of applying the lashes but I think because they are cluster lashes, I actually find the application easier and more precise than full lashes. The adhesive application tip is shaped like a mascara wand so it’s more efficient and I only need to use sufficient amount each time. That’s definitely a PLUS cuz I don’t like getting too much glue on my eyelashes which I usually do with normal lash adhesive😅

My favourite thing about these lashes are how versatile and lightweight they are. You can change up the lash style and you can use them as a one-day thing (for heavier eye makeup) or have them sealed on for a few days (similar to eyelash extensions).

Currently, I'm using them for my Raya visiting and I have so many compliments of people asking me where I did my lashes hehe! I'm looking forward to using them as a weekly lash thing and see how long they can last hehe!

Geraldine Chua

They are easy to use with no discomfort unlike traditional lashes. I also slept with my face flat on the pillow but my lashes and eyes are safe. One piece fell out because my face was in the pillow, but it was easy to put back on, so I am happy with that. Going to use it when I travel overseas for my conference, excited how I can DIY all the way now

Navreen Kaur
100% mom life approved!

I recently tried the Hanadolly lashes and fell in love instantly! I was assisted and guided with how to use the lashes and I quickly understood how simple it would be to put on these lashes! It took a whole of 5 mins to put them on and we did it after I had already done my makeup. It’s fuss free, mess free and completely idiot proof. The lashes come in various lengths and densities and I opted for something simpler and more natural looking. I love how the lashes brightened up my eyes without making it obvious that I had lashes on. As a new mom, the last thing I have time to do is to sit in a salon for an hour to get eyelash extensions. Plus as a mom, I wouldn’t want to have eyelash extensions evrryday. This allows me to only put it on when I want and so quickly that I don’t have to worry about not having enough time to do so. It’s so simple I could do it in the car on the way to an event. What’s even better is that all the products involved are pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe. The set also includes eyelash serum which I have been religiously using everyday to help with my eyelash growth. My eyelashes feel thicker after a month of doing so! Hanadolly lash set is definitely something you should get your hands on and 100% mom life approved!

Tan Adelyn
Hanadolly Natural and barbie lashes

These lashes are sooooo pretty I love them!!! Quick versatile and lasting. Glam up your look with minimal downtime I take about (7min) to achieve that stunning look without stepping foot in a salon. I love the zero reliance on pushy salons or committing to expensive packages! Saving time and money ⏰️💸 Excited to have the appealing looks of eyelash extensions without all the nasties of weak damaged lashes thanks to its hypoallergenic formula! It is also really easy and quick to put on once you get the hang of it. 💕💕💕

Felicia Tan

Day 5 lashes. Gonna be removing them tonight to disinfect and cleanse it, also to let my own lashes take a break over the weekend. One cluster is finally loose but all good! Not bad for my second try wearing these lashes!

within this 5 days, it's super hot, I sweat a lot, the places I go are like industrial areas with lot of dust and stuff, v humid.. I had hotpot yesterday too. Then went home and had a warm shower, wash hair and all. Then only today at the end of my day then I realize eh got 1 cluster loose alr. But still stayed on perfectly well. Got wind blow also.

HanaDolly Lightweight False Lashes - Easy On The Eyes | HanaDolly Lashes


So light, you'll barely notice it was there

No more shocks when you remove your extensions to find sparse & thinned out lashes! Why risk depressing lash loss when you can look beautiful without compromising on long-term lash health?

Measured and cut to be lightweight so it causes less stress on your natural lashes. Let your eyes stay beautiful & healthy!

Buy Starter Kit →
DIY Lashes With Freedom & Flexibility | HanaDolly Lashes

Freedom & flexibility

“As crazy as it sounds, I really miss rubbing my eyes…”

The struggle is real with lash extensions… You can’t normally take a shower, wash your face, rub your eyes or even CRY properly for fear of damaging your “investment”!

But what if you didn’t have to deal with a nightmare for weeks? With our agile lash routine, you have full FLEXIBILITY to control when to wear your lashes, or take them off anytime you need a rest. It’s time to take back your beauty into your own hands!

Buy Starter Kit →
Hypoallergenic False Lashes, Toxin Free | HanaDolly Lashes


Hypoallergenic and Toxin-Free

🗸 No chemicals, toxins or harmful substances - made with premium quality Korean fibers

🗸 No prostaglandin analogues or iron oxides that cause staining, lash shedding & bald spots

🗸 Optimal strength for lash applicators - made to last an optimal 5-7 days (so it's not too strong) and easy to remove!

Buy Starter Kit →
Easy to Apply DIY Lashes | HanaDolly Lashes


Say goodbye to expensive lash appointments that’s pain on the eyes (and wallet!)

Our lash kit helps you save on time & the hefty cost of salon appointments, so you don’t have to spend hours every other week just to glam up your eyes! Many lash salons also use stronger glue that may contain chemicals to make it last longer which can weaken your natural lash.

Now you can brandish your favourite lash styles without expensive packages & pricey maintenance!

Buy Starter Kit →
False Lash Extensions for Asian Eye Fit | HanaDolly Lashes

For Your eyes only

Perfect Fit for Asian Eyes

The wrong sized lash extensions can "change" the shape of your eyes and create undesirable results. Our lashes are cut to specifically fit Asian eye shapes so you can flaunt your lashes with confidence!

Buy Starter Kit →
Apply Beautiful Lashes in 7 Minutes | HanaDolly Lashes

Simple And Easy to Use

Enjoy Beautiful Lashes In Just 7 Minutes

Why spend hours at expensive lash appointments when you can do everything at the comfort of your own home - in just 7 minutes! Our kit has all you need to become a home "beauty expert".

Buy Now
Agile Lash Method Benefits | HanaDolly DIY Lashes

Weekly Lash Ritual

The 7-Minute Agile Lash Routine

Our kit is designed for sustainable beauty, with a striking combination of 3 pillars: flexibility, care & efficiency, to give you beautiful lashes without sacrificing on your long-term lash health.

No more sparse, damaged, ruined lashes
✔ No crazy cost of maintenance & expensive packages
✔ Not time consuming
✔ Take back control of your beauty!

Buy Starter Kit →
  • HanaDolly False Lashes Benefits - Flexibility


    With HanaDolly you have full control to change up lash styles, or give your eyes a break. No more nightmare of being unable to rub your eyes or wash your face for weeks!

    You can finally take your beauty into your own hands.

  • HanaDolly False Lashes Benefits - Care


    Daily lash care couldn't be easier with our PRIME serum that's packed full of nourishing ingredients to protect your natural lash & preserve its health.

    No toxins, chemicals or prostaglandin analogues that cause lash loss & staining!

  • HanaDolly False Lashes Benefits - Efficiency


    The fastest, most cost-efficient way to get beautiful lashes in 7 minutes! Save time, money & remove stress with our kit.

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PRIME Eyelash Growth Serum | Lash Boost | HanaDolly Lashes


PRIME - Our premium lash boost serum

🗸 Stimulates metabolism of the hair follicles and provides nourishment

🗸 Encourages new cell growth, essential for regrowing fallen lashes/brow hairs

🗸 Acts as a nourishing mask that fills the natural lash and brows with keratin making your natural lashes and brows thicker, fuller and longer

💙 No prostangladin analogues or derivatives (commonly found in many serums) that have been shown to have long-term harmful effects.
Buy Starter Kit →
PREP & PERK Lash Bond & Seal | HanaDolly Lashes

Just the Right holding Power

PREP & PERK - Bond & Seal

Specifically made with the right amount of strength so that it doesn't harm your natural lashes.

Easy to clean off and remove when you want!

🗸 Moisture resistant and provides strong holding power under humid conditions, whilst going easy on natural lashes

🗸 Forms a continuous film on the hairs for durability, just like a raincoat for your lashes

Buy Starter Kit →
PURIFY Lash Cleanser | HanaDolly Lashes

As Good As New

PURIFY - Cleanser

Cleanse and reset your natural look in just 3 minutes with our premium formula

🗸 Softens and smoothes the skin, skin protecting dissolving removal

🗸 Provides conditioning and restores suppleness

Buy Starter Kit →

How We Compare

Your most versatile lash extensions are safe, hassle-free, with the flexibility to change styles at anytime.

HanaDolly Lash Comparison Chart
  • Step 1 - Curl Lashes

  • Step 2 - Bond

  • Step 3 - Apply Lash

  • Step 4 - Apply Seal

  • Step 5 - Final Pinch

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Need a more in depth guide for lash application? See our full lash guide here.

  • Lightweight lashes that don't hurt your eyes | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Non-toxic fibers & hypoallergenic | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free Lashes | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Durable korean lash fibers | HanaDolly Lashes
  • No toxins or harmful substances | HanaDolly Lashes
  • Lashes That Fit Well for Asian Eye Shapes | HanaDolly Lashes

Got Questions?


What's the difference between HanaDolly and salon lashes?

Salon lashes can be expensive and time consuming. Each session costs roughly $100-$200 and take over an hour just to get the lashes on so that it can last up to 1 month.

In contrast our lashes can be put on in just 7 minutes, and with proper care, they can be reused multiple times (we recommend up to 15x). That works out to approximately $5 per use which lasts for 5-7 days!

Also, salons tend to use much stronger glue/bond and heavier lashes in order to last longer. This can cause a strain on the eyes and even lead to lash loss over time.

Our ultralight-weight lashes are designed specifically to combat this and you can take them off anytime you want to give your eyes their beauty rest!

With HanaDolly lashes, you can take full control of your beauty and switch up styles as and when you want! 💖

Are your lashes magnetic?

We purposefully created our lashes without any reliance on magnets.

Many magnetic eyelashes come with eyeliner that contains iron oxides that has been shown to cause skin staining on the eyelids over prolonged period of use. Metallic foreign body on the surface of your eye can also cause problems and serious issues if it penetrates the eye.

We believe in sustainable beauty that alternatives that do not harm your long-term eye health.

As avid lash lovers, we also encountered situation where strong magnets yank on the natural eyelash when trying to remove, causing them to fall off. And they can also be heavy on the eyes.

Our lashes are made for sustainability, and are easy to remove and apply.

Is your lash boost serum safe?

Many other lash boost serums contain prostaglandin analogues or their derivatives that have been known to cause skin darkening (hyperpigmentation) on the eyelids.

Our premium formula is made without any toxins or harmful substances. It's hypoallergenic and also vegan friendly! 🌿

How long does your lashes last?

Our recommended duration for each use is 5-7 days.

🧼 Do remember to clean & disinfect the lashes after each use and store them in the proper container as you can re-use them up to 15x!

Use PURIFY to clean residue off the lashes, followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

You can also remove them anytime before 7 days to change your style or let your eyes take a break. You'll have full flexibility over your look every day! 💖

How do I apply the lashes?

Visit our Lash Guide for step-by-step instructions!

Can the lashes be reused?

Yes! Our lashes can be reused at least 10 times (or more) with proper care. 

Check out our Lash Guide for the proper ways to ensure your lashes are well taken care off.

Use PURIFY to clean residue off the lashes, followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

Can I wear the lashes in the shower?

Although the lashes can be worn in the shower, it is best to minimize direct contact with water pressure from the shower head. When washing your face, be gentle and go around the eyelashes to ensure the lashes stay firmly in place.

Can I wear the lashes to go swimming?

To ensure the lashes remain in place, it is recommend to go swimming only after allowing a fresh set to sit for at least 1 hour.

Pressure from the water may also tug at the lashes, so ensure that the lashes are still secure before your swim.

The recommended day to take your new look for a swim is ideally T+1 of your fresh set application. This will ensure the lashes stay on securely.

Will the lashes feel heavy when I wear them?

Compared to salon lashes and many magnetic lashes on the market, we designed our lashes to be ultralight-weight so you won't even feel them there!

Heavy lashes can cause strain on the eyes which leads to lash loss (madarosis) or even cause bald spots in the natural lashes over long-term.

Application and removal is also flexible so you can take them out anytime to give your eyes a rest!

I'm Asian, will the lashes fit my eye?

Our lashes are designed and cut to specifically fit the shape of Asian women.

They're made with premium quality Korean fibers to accentuate the curves of your eyes well!

How can I retain the lashes for longer?

Do clamp your lashes with PICK, the applicator tool, every morning and night to secure lashes. It is also recommended to clamp lashes after showering or washing your face.

On that note, for hygiene purposes and to ensure your natural lashes are healthy and grow well, we recommend completely removing the cluster lashes after 10 days and reapplying a new set.

See Lash Guide for more details.

How do I clean my cluster lashes?

Use PURIFY to comb through the cluster lashes and ensure all residue is removed. Dab dry and soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

See Lash Guide for full details.