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DIY Lash

Don't fret, we're here to help! A step-by-step guide to beautiful lashes in minutes.
Clean Your Natural Lashes First | HanaDolly Lash Guide

Step 1 - Curl Your Lashes (Optional)

You may choose to curl your lashes for more lift on your eyes. The lash clusters will follow the angle of your curl.

For women with deep set eyes (very pronounced double eyelids), it may be better not to have lashes curled as it may touch your top eyelid.

Recommended for: single eyelid or hooded eyes

Step 2 - Apply PREP (Bond) To Your Natural Lash

Now it’s time to apply the adhesive to your natural lash. Dab a small amount of PREP at the root of your lashes and wait for 30 secs.

You don’t need to use a lot, just a small dab will do. When you put on PREP, it should be slightly white but turns clear very quickly.

OPTIONAL: You can apply a small streak of PREP onto the cluster lash bands (your false lashes) for better retention. Once it turns clear & tacky, attach the clusters before they dry up.

Step 3 - Apply Lash Segments

Now it’s time to apply your lashes! Use a tweezer to pick up the lash segments and place it underneath your natural lashes, close to the water line (but not touching it).

PRO-TIP: You don’t have to use all the clusters. Feel free to play around with just 3 clusters and mix up the positioning!

Make sure to apply all the lash segments onto both eyes before moving to the next step of sealing with PERK. This allows you to readjust the placement of the clusters should you need to.

**Check that PICK is clean so the lash does not stick to it or become stained with PREP!

Step 4 - Apply PERK (Seal) to PICK

The function of PERK (seal) is to take away the stickiness of the bond and give the finishing touch to lock the lashes in place.

Apply PERK onto the length of PICK. Press down slightly on PICK to evenly distribute the solution before using on your lashes. This will give you an even coating on your lashes.

TIP: You can be a bit more generous using PERK as you will need it to coat and seal the bond properly in place (or lashes may fall out easily).

Step 5 - Clamp & Finish

PICK is specially designed to follow the shape of your eyelid. You can rest the curve of pick to align with your eyelid whilst clamping down gently as close to your lash line as possible.

Do this for both eyes and you’re done!

Pro-tip: Repeat step 4 & 5 on Day 3 & 5 for added lasting power.

PRIME - Silky Lash Growth Infusion - HanaDolly DIY Lashes for Asian Eyes

Active Care

PRIME is an important part of the lash routine with nourishing ingredients like biotin & hydrolyzed collagen to boost natural growth & volume of your lashes.

Apply PRIME on your lashes twice daily, morning and night. You can use it even with your HanaDolly lashes on!

Visible results typically take around 4-8 weeks depending on individual factors.

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It Might Seem Hard at First But Don't Give Up!

Most people take a couple of trial applications before everything clicks. Do have some patience and practice, and your lash application will soon start to feel like second nature! For our experienced customers, it only takes a few minutes to put on a full set of lashes!
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How to clean and reuse your HanaDolly DIY lashes
How to clean and reuse your HanaDolly DIY lashes