Female model wearing HanaDolly's BARBIE lash style for a girl next door look
BARBIE - HanaDolly Single DIY Lashes for Asian Eyes
Close up picture of a beautiful female model's right eye wearing HanaDolly's BARBIE lash style to show the DIY lashes when worn - Barbie lash girl-next-door look
Close up video of a female model's right eye repeatedly blinking and wearing HanaDolly's BARBIE lash style to showcase the DIY lashes in action
Close up view of HanaDolly's BARBIE lash style on their iconic white, circular lash tray


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  • Ultra-Soft Korean Fiber Lashes That Brighten Your Eyes In Just 7 Mins!
  • Wear up to 7 days per use (Reusable - clean & disinfect after each use)
  • Re-use up to 15x for each pair of lashes (effectively $5/use only!)

Measuring 7-12mm, this is a bolder, more voluminous version of Babydoll, complete with an eyeliner effect for Asian eyes.

Need that big lash energy for a special event coming up? Barbie is there to give you that perfect boost!

This set is arranged in a dolly style where the longest cluster is in the middle. Feel free to rearrange the clusters to create different styles (i.e. using the middle cluster as the outer edge cluster for a cat-eye look)

P.S. only 2 styles give you an eyeliner effect without the fuss of makeup remover!

P.P.S this set gives you an option to stack lashes for added volume if required

Made of ultra soft Korean fibers that are highly resistant to perspiration and humidity. Our premium lashes are also made of premium durable Korean fibres with a patented hollow-fibre technology that makes it ultra-lightweight - just like feather! 

🤚New here? This product is an individual lash style and does not contain everything you need to do up your lashes. If you want a more comprehensive kit, check out our Ultimate Starter Kit →

📦 Need a top-up? Check out our newly launched Lash Essentials Top-Up Bundle → for cost-savings when you top-up!

1 x BARBIE false lashes

The softest, high quality Korean fibres that are weightless on your eyes!

Highly resistant to perspiration and humidity to fit the ASEAN climate.Premium durable Korean fibres with a patented hollow-fibre technology that makes it ultra-lightweight - just like feather! 

Each design is uniquely lash mapped to be suitable for Asian eyes.

With eyeliner effect.

Our 7 minute lash routine gives you long-lasting lash beauty by supplementing the lash growth cycle with our agile lash method, allowing you to flaunt beautiful lash styles every week whilst cultivating sturdy, resilient natural lashes - without expensive salon appointments... without month-long discomfort from extensions... and without damage to your natural lash.

🟢 Damage free removal
🟢 Toxins free
🟢 Hypoallergenic
🟢 Ultra light and weightless feel
🟢 Flexibility to change designs & remove when you want
🟢 Apply in just 7 minutes
🟢 Freedom to decide when to use your lashes

Use PICK to gently flip the lashes up and use fingers to slowly peel the lashes off the band for the first usage.

To reuse lashes, please refer to our Lash Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
First timer

It was a little challenging at the start but after which, application becomes really easy! These have been getting me by my step away from extensions. I go to the gym/ run almost daily and these stay on well! I don’t think I will go back to doing salon extensions after this.

Super comfy and easy to use! Makes me looks so pretty

I love lash extensions but hate how high maintenance and costly they are. Super excited to try hana dolly lashes after seeing their lashes sold out since last year. The lashes are so light weight and great quality. They are so easy to use and apply. I love how they open up my eyes beautifully.

Bernadette Tan

Hanadolly became a game changer for me 🩵
I used to allocate 2hr of my time every month to do my lashes AND an additional 1hr in between to touch up. Side sleeper girls like me would understand the pain of waking up to fallen extensions on the bed 🥹 (+ I’m a cat eye design girlie)
With Hanadolly lashes, I am able to switch up my lashes ANYTIME I want and the best part? I can remove it anytime I want to rub my eyes 👀

Brighten Your Eyes
In Just 7 Minutes.

Get salon-quality lash extensions without the heavy time & cost commitments.
Save Time & Money

Say goodbye to expensive lash appointments that’s pain on the eyes (and wallet!)

Our lash kit helps you save on time & the hefty cost of salon appointments, so you don’t have to spend hours every other week just to glam up your eyes! Many lash salons also use stronger glue that may contain chemicals to make it last longer which can weaken your natural lash.

Now you can brandish your favourite lash styles without expensive packages & pricey maintenance!


So light, you'll barely notice it was there

No more shocks when you remove your extensions to find sparse & thinned out lashes! Why risk depressing lash loss when you can look beautiful without compromising on long-term lash health?

Measured and cut to be lightweight so it causes less stress on your natural lashes. Let your eyes stay beautiful & healthy!

Apply Beautiful Lashes in 7 Minutes | HanaDolly Lashes

Enjoy Beautiful Lashes In Just 7 Minutes

Why spend hours at expensive lash appointments when you can do everything at the comfort of your own home - in just 7 minutes! Our kit has all you need to become a home "beauty expert".

HanaDolly Lightweight False Lashes - Easy On The Eyes | HanaDolly Lashes

Hypoallergenic and Toxin-Free

🗸 No chemicals, toxins or harmful substances - made with premium quality Korean fibers
🗸 No prostaglandin analogues or iron oxides 
that cause staining, lash shedding & bald spots
🗸 Optimal strength for lash applicators 
- made to last an optimal 5-7 days (so it's not too strong) and easy to remove!

False Lash Extensions for Asian Eye Fit | HanaDolly Lashes

Perfect Fit for Asian Eyes

The wrong sized lash extensions can "change" the shape of your eyes and create undesirable results. Our lashes are cut to specifically fit Asian eye shapes so you can flaunt your lashes with confidence!

Test Product
Not sure where to Start?

The Ultimate Lash Routine
Starter Kit

Packed full to the brim with everything you need to get started on your sustainable lash journey!
Shop Kit →

How We Compare

Your most versatile lash extensions are safe, hassle-free, with the flexibility to change styles at anytime.

HanaDolly Lash Comparison Chart


Salon lashes can be expensive and time consuming. Each session costs roughly $100-$200 and take over an hour just to get the lashes on so that it can last up to 1 month.

In contrast our lashes can be put on in just 7 minutes, and with proper care, they can be reused multiple times (we recommend up to 15x). That works out to approximately $5 per use which lasts for 5-7 days!

Also, salons tend to use much stronger glue/bond and heavier lashes in order to last longer. This can cause a strain on the eyes and even lead to lash loss over time.

Our ultralight-weight lashes are designed specifically to combat this and you can take them off anytime you want to give your eyes their beauty rest!

With HanaDolly lashes, you can take full control of your beauty and switch up styles as and when you want! 💖

We purposefully created our lashes without any reliance on magnets.

Many magnetic eyelashes come with eyeliner that contains iron oxides that has been shown to cause skin staining on the eyelids over prolonged period of use. Metallic foreign body on the surface of your eye can also cause problems and serious issues if it penetrates the eye.

We believe in sustainable beauty that alternatives that do not harm your long-term eye health.

As avid lash lovers, we also encountered situation where strong magnets yank on the natural eyelash when trying to remove, causing them to fall off. And they can also be heavy on the eyes.

Our lashes are made for sustainability, and are easy to remove and apply.

Many other lash boost serums contain prostaglandin analogues or their derivatives that have been known to cause skin darkening (hyperpigmentation) on the eyelids.

Our premium formula is made without any toxins or harmful substances. It's hypoallergenic and also vegan friendly! 🌿

Our recommended duration for each use is 5-7 days.

🧼 Do remember to clean & disinfect the lashes after each use and store them in the proper container as you can re-use them up to 15x!

Use PURIFY to clean residue off the lashes, followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

You can also remove them anytime before 7 days to change your style or let your eyes take a break. You'll have full flexibility over your look every day! 💖

Visit our Lash Guide for step-by-step instructions!

Yes! Our lashes can be reused at least 10 times (or more) with proper care. 

Check out our Lash Guide for the proper ways to ensure your lashes are well taken care off.

Use PURIFY to clean residue off the lashes, followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

Although the lashes can be worn in the shower, it is best to minimize direct contact with water pressure from the shower head. When washing your face, be gentle and go around the eyelashes to ensure the lashes stay firmly in place.

To ensure the lashes remain in place, it is recommend to go swimming only after allowing a fresh set to sit for at least 1 hour.

Pressure from the water may also tug at the lashes, so ensure that the lashes are still secure before your swim.

The recommended day to take your new look for a swim is ideally T+1 of your fresh set application. This will ensure the lashes stay on securely.

Compared to salon lashes and many magnetic lashes on the market, we designed our lashes to be ultralight-weight so you won't even feel them there!

Heavy lashes can cause strain on the eyes which leads to lash loss (madarosis) or even cause bald spots in the natural lashes over long-term.

Application and removal is also flexible so you can take them out anytime to give your eyes a rest!

Our lashes are designed and cut to specifically fit the shape of Asian women.

They're made with premium quality Korean fibers to accentuate the curves of your eyes well!

Do clamp your lashes with PICK, the applicator tool, every morning and night to secure lashes. It is also recommended to clamp lashes after showering or washing your face.

On that note, for hygiene purposes and to ensure your natural lashes are healthy and grow well, we recommend completely removing the cluster lashes after 10 days and reapplying a new set.

See Lash Guide for more details.

Use PURIFY to comb through the cluster lashes and ensure all residue is removed. Dab dry and soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

See Lash Guide for full details.

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