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General Inquiries

How do I apply the lashes?

Visit our Lash Guide for step-by-step instructions!

Can the lashes be reused?

Yes! Our lashes can be reused at least 10 times (or more) with proper care. 

Check out our Lash Guide for the proper ways to ensure your lashes are well taken care off.

Use PURIFY to clean residue off the lashes, followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

Can I wear the lashes for more than 7 days?

Yes, you may!

The guideline of 5-7 days is the minimum wear time we propose, as own natural lashes grows out everyday. As we advocate using the lash serum daily, your natural lash may grow out faster and that may cause the lash clusters to look uneven.

However, feel free to keep them on for more than a week!

Do note that we recommend thoroughly cleaning the lashes and sanitizing them for hygiene purposes at least bi-monthly.

Can I wear the lashes in the shower?

Although the lashes can be worn in the shower, it is best to minimize direct contact with water pressure from the shower head. When washing your face, be gentle and go around the eyelashes to ensure the lashes stay firmly in place.

Can I wear the lashes to go swimming?

To ensure the lashes remain in place, it is recommend to go swimming only after allowing a fresh set to sit for at least 1 hour.

Pressure from the water may also tug at the lashes, so ensure that the lashes are still secure before your swim.

The recommended day to take your new look for a swim is ideally T+1 of your fresh set application. This will ensure the lashes stay on securely.

What to do if a lash cluster falls off?

If a lash cluster falls off, clean any residue off the cluster and apply a new layer of PREP to the lash cluster before reapplying. Follow the step by clamping with PERK.

Should I do a patch test?

Although it is extremely unlikely that your eyes could react to one of our products, it is recommended to do a patch test to be safe.

Will the lashes feel heavy when I wear them?

These lashes are so lightweight, you don't even feel like they are there until you look into a mirror!

How can I retain the lashes for longer?

Do clamp your lashes with PICK, the applicator tool, every morning and night to secure lashes. It is also recommended to clamp lashes after showering or washing your face.

On that note, for hygiene purposes and to ensure your natural lashes are healthy and grow well, we recommend completely removing the cluster lashes after 10 days and reapplying a new set.

See Lash Guide for more details.

How do I clean my cluster lashes?

Use PURIFY to comb through the cluster lashes and ensure all residue is removed. Dab dry and soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol to ensure the lashes are well disinfected.

See Lash Guide for full details.


Can I use your products if I have sensitive skin?

We have designed the products to cater for sensitive skin. They are allergy-proof and pregnancy safe.

Even so, it is still recommended that you do a patch test before application.

Is your brand vegan?

Yes, the products we carry are Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Are your products pregnancy safe?

Yes, the products we carry are pregnancy safe.

What should I do if the product accidentally gets into my eyes?

Stay calm and flush out any irritants from your eye with water.

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