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Intentional Beauty

For Modern, Determined Women.
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Hana (하나) means the number One - a reminder to put yourself first.

HanaDolly is a Singapore-based lifestyle beauty brand with a focus on intentional beauty. We craft positive, functional solutions to empower the modern woman - by taking back control of your beauty, style & inner well-being.

Founder's Story

HanaDolly was created when I was faced with a dispiriting problem in my life...

Regular lash extensions were stressful on my natural lashes and causing them to fall out. After making the decision to finally put myself first and stop extensions once and for all - I felt a huge void. It was so depressing to see them now sparse, short and thinned out.

That's when I first came up with the 7-minute weekly lash routine - one that would allow me to take back control of my beauty and give me the flexibility to "lash on" anytime I wanted.

Limited Edition Fluffy Hairband | HanaDolly Lashes
HanaDolly Lash Extensions Starter Kit Customer Testimonial

Seeking Intentional Beauty

The realization dawned on me that beauty is not a distant aspiration, or a single destination that we must submit ourselves to, but rather an intentional journey that we should craft for ourselves.

At HanaDolly, we take pride in creating unique solutions to amplify the beauty "within & without" one's self. Products rooted in long-term, sustainable beauty; flexibility and giving back control to users are the core of our brand identity.

Our Burning Purpose

We are a brand made for women who believe in intentional beauty and appreciate taking control of their style & look anytime they want. More specifically, we cater to the beauty needs of Asian women - a largely under-served community who often find it hard to get the right lash sizes and products for their eyes.


It is our honour and our mission, to empower you with mindful & effective beauty solutions in your journey for years to come.