REFLECTIONS - HanaDolly x RosyLee Event 2023

REFLECTIONS - HanaDolly x RosyLee Event 2023

Hey there amazing souls!

I hope this message finds you feeling as warm and vibrant as we were at our recent Rosylee x HanaDolly event held at Chez Suzette. Your energy truly made it an extraordinary experience, and I can't express enough gratitude for your incredible support and presence.

At our gathering, we embarked on a journey that was all about recalibration and introspection, a moment to pause amidst the whirlwind of the year. It was a time for reflection, rejuvenation, and connection, and having each of you there amplified the very essence of this gathering.

We delved into enriching experiences together, immersing ourselves in a guided reflections workshop that allowed us to dive deep into self-awareness and growth. Oh, and did I mention having the chance to view an exclusive sneak preview of Rosylee's upcoming launch on December 6th, 12pm? Get ready for an array of stunning creations that will absolutely captivate your senses!

HanaDolly x RosyLee Reflections Launch 2023

HanaDolly had the pleasure of sharing exclusive beauty tips, from mastering makeup techniques to the artistry of lash applications. Guests had the chance to feel the sheer luxury and comfort of our super soft, feather-light lashes firsthand—an experience that truly left everyone in awe.

HanaDolly x Rosylee Launch Event 2023

One of the event's most captivating moments was the highly sought-after 1-to-1 private Aura Reading sessions led by the incredible Pearlyn from Transmission Wellness. Believe me, mesmerized doesn't even begin to cover it! You need to experience it to understand what I mean!

I owe an enormous thank you to these remarkable individuals who made this event so exceptional:

  • Eugeny from Rosylee for her collaborative spirit in bringing this vision to life.
  • Suzette from Chez Suzette for adding that delightful touch of grandeur and gastronomic delight to our gathering.
  • Pearlyn from Transmission Wellness for her expertise and those unforgettable Aura reading sessions.

Let's keep this incredible journey of women empowerment going! Follow these amazing contributors on their social media platforms to stay updated on their remarkable offerings and inspirations:

Stay connected with us on our social channels for future updates, events, and moments of inspiration. Once again, from the depths of my heart, thank you for being part of this breathtaking experience. Your presence and energy were truly the highlight of the evening.

Warm regards,
Founder of HanaDolly

HanaDolly x Rosylee Launch Event 2023


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