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Eyelash Cleaning Brush

Eyelash Cleaning Brush

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Your spick-&-span accomplice that comes in a petite size for your eyes and lash cleaning! 

Daily cleansing of your eye area is encouraged even with your lashes on. This process is made simpler with our petite Ultra-Fine Soft Bristles Cleaning Brush!

Suitable for use with lash foam and/or liquid cleansers. Lint-free cleansing made possible at your fingertips! Regular cleansing with our Ultra-Fine Soft Bristles Cleaning Brush can gently remove buildup in the form of old makeup, skin cells, dirt and more. This will also help extend the retention of your lashes and ensure your eyes are absolutely clean!

P.S. If you do not have any lash cleansers, we recommend using micellar water just like you would a regular cleanser. Simply dip your Ultra-Fine Soft Bristles Cleaning Brush in a bit of the micellar water and go ahead to gently brush through the lashes. Follow by gentle rinsing with water, or use our Bamboo Fibre Cleansing Towel (soaked in water) to lightly rinse.
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